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West Coast Multirotor Club and Safety

WCMRC takes safety very seriously! And so should you!!!

Our sport is fun, adrenaline filled and fast paced. It can also be dangerous if you fly your aircraft in an unsafe manner.

Whilst the club has well defined safety rules, we are all governed by our national aviation safety body CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

WCMRC endeavours to always follow CASA regulations, in our case the particular regulations that apply to our sport and model aviation is a document entitled CASR Part 101 (Unmanned Aircraft & Rocket Operations). Our insurer (MAAA) also has a flying safety guideline which you should follow when you fly to ensure you are fully covered. You can find links to these at the bottom of this page.

You should ALWAYS use discretion and common sense when flying! You should never put yourself or anyone else in danger or fly in areas that prohibit multirotors. If it seems like a bad idea it probably is!

WCMRC has its own set of safety rules & regulations which are based on CASR 101 and MAAA MOP’s, if you follow these rules you should have no issues.

Useful Documents for Reference

Our rules and regulations are based upon the following documents:

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